We Reunite Families & Friends in CANADA


More than 34 million people visit Canada every year. The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act requires all visitors, except those exempt by regulation.

Visitor visa applicant must demonstrate to the visa officer that

  1. They have significant family ties and economic establishment to their country of origin
  2. They have sufficient means of support while their stay in Canada
  3. There is no risk that they will overstay their visit to Canada
  4. Must be healthy and might require a medical examination
  5. May require letter of invitation

After arriving, a visitor may change the conditions of his/her visit or extend the stay. This is possible in special cases and must be done before the visitor's status as a temporary resident expires.

Canada does not pay for hospital or medical services for visitors. Visitors should ensure they have health insurance to pay their medical costs before they leave for Canada.

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