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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I qualify for Canadian immigration?

To find out, fill in our Preliminary Information Questionnaire (PIQ) and we will be happy to give you a free assessment.

What is the processing time for the PR application?

It depends on the visa post you are applying to. Different visa post have different wait time. It ranges from 5 months to 3 years or more.

Can I apply, if I have no status in my current country of residence?

Yes. If you are legally admitted initially to that country for a minimum period of 1 year and subsequently, lost the status.

Who can be included in the PR application?

The application can include your spouse and dependent children (children who are under 22 and do not have a spouse or who are over 22 and are still full-time students).

Where my application can be submitted?

As per the requirement of new Immigration Act, all applications must be submitted in the applicant's home country (country of nationality, or country of habitual residence if stateless), or from any other country if the applicant is lawfully admitted to that country for 12 months

Will I be called for an interview?

Business Class applicants must attend an interview. For federal skilled worker application, it will depend on the strength of your submission and visa officer's discretion. Usually, files submitted in a way that satisfies visa officer in totality, can well expect the waiver of interview.

Where will the interview be held?

The interview will generally be held in the country in which your application is filed.

How long will I have to land in Canada after receiving my visa?

Your PR visa is valid until one year after your medical..

What are the rule for keeping my PR status, if I decide to stay outside of longer period of time?

You need to be physically present in Canada for 2 years during last 5 years,

After how much time can I apply for Canadian Citizenship?

You can generally apply for citizenship after three years.

Why should I apply through Aastha Immigration Services Inc.

Canadian immigration is based on complex set of law, regulation, manuals and operation memoranda and is subject to change quite often. The professional presentation of an application along with in-depth knowledge of the system can make difference between success and failure. We have the competency in guide you through the process. Our president/sr. consultant.

What are our fees?

Our fees will depend on category under which you are applying and your personal credentials. Download out Preliminary Information Questionnaire (PIQ), and we will be happy to give you free assessment.

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