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Quebec Skilled Worker

If you are ready to make Montreal or any other part of Quebec province as your destination to Canada, you can be eligible for very lucrative Quebec Skilled worker program. This program has following unique features than its federal counterpart.

  1. Quebec selects the candidate and issue a selection certificate (CSQ) and Citizenship and Immigration Canada facilitate medical, security check and issuance of visa.
  2. It has different qualifying requirements for married and un-married applicant. Hence, un-married applicant is not at any disadvantage as in federal system.
  3. Montreal is approximately 6 hours drive from Toronto and is a second highest recipient from total immigrants to Canada because of its beauty, low cost of living, decent living standard, excellent social programs, and friendly francophone society.

Immigration Process

  1. You have to apply for CSQ to Quebec Immigration office covering your territory and located in Montreal, Quebec.
  2. If CSQ is granted, application for permanent residence must be made to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.



Federal Skilled Worker Quebec Skilled Worker

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