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Canada receives more than 130,000 foreign students from around the world. These students bring a rich multi-culture environment to Canadian classrooms. The provinces regulate schools in Canada.

A foreign national may not study in Canada unless he/she is in possession of a study permit. According to the new Regulations (IRPA) that were implemented On June 28th 2002, a study permit, previously known as a student authorization is not required if one is planning to study in a short-term program in Canada of six months or less. They can do so while being here as a visitor.

However, we encourage all students to apply for a study permit even if they are going for short term program. This will allow them to apply for change of educational institutes and renewal of study permit if they decide to join a new program from within Canada.

Please take note of the followings points

  1. Each Canadian university, technical school or community college sets its own requirements regarding tuition fees, health insurance, scholarships, lodging and living expenses, and language requirements
  2. Canada has two (2) official languages: English and French. The student will need to know one or the other to follow course lectures and reading assignments. Some post-secondary schools might ask the student to take a language test. They may charge a fee for this test, which the student will have to pay. Language requirements are set by each school.

Once the student has decided on the courses he/she wants to take, officials at the school where the student applies will tell the student if he/she qualifies. If accepted, the student will receive a confirmation letter from the registrar, the school board or the school, itself.

Student requires followings before coming to Canada:

  1. A letter of acceptance from the educational institute
  2. CAQ for Quebec destined students
  3. Evidence of sufficient funds
  4. Establish that the student will return home at the end of studies
  5. Pass a medical exam

Once in Canada as a student, applicants may be able to change the conditions of the permit or apply to renew it.

Why choose Canada for further study?

Subject to some conditions, now student can legally work in Canada during study and up to 2 years full time after finishing the course.

Canadians place a premium on education and demand first-rate schools. Canada spends more per capita on its education system than any other country in the G-8. A degree from a Canadian university is recognized world-wide and as a result, international students who graduate from Canadian universities enjoy successful and prosperous careers.

Canada offers a wide range of schools and courses that suits to foreign students. Student need to decide where to study and into what program. Every institution has different rules on how to apply and requirement for admission.

Canada has the lowest cost of education and living as compared to many other popular destinations in the world.

Average living costs $575/month x 12 + $1,200 incidentals = $ 8,100 CDN/$5,786US
The British Council surveyed US, Canadian, Australian and British post-secondary institutions and discovered that the best educational value is in Canada.

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