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Our Commitment

You can count on Aastha Immigration Consulting Services to:

Treat you with respect and courtesy

Keep your interest on top priority for services we have been hired for

Preserve confidentiality of all sensitive information given to us

Handle your matter competently and diligently with the highest standard of professionalism

Charge a reasonable fee and full explanation to that effect in the beginning of the process

Respond to your inquiries promptly

Never refuse representation based on national origin, color, sex, religion, age or disability

We will always work hard to represent the best interest of our clients and we will be even more cautious in accepting clients with only a marginal chance for success.  . We always advise our clients of the risk involved and possibility of refusal at the time we have been hired

We have structured out payment in a way that is easy for client to arrange for. Our fees are for the services rendered and not to be considered payment for obtaining any kind of visas. We cannot guarantee success. What we can guarantee is we will work for you with our 100% involvement for your success.

As per Immigration and Refugee Protection Law, the final decision is always taken by the immigration officer who handles your application. We will present your application in the best possible manner, highlight your strengths and explain your weaknesses along with references to appropriate sections of Act and Regulation. However, the ultimate authority is with immigration officer who has his own discretion.

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